Consulting Services

Howell Consulting offers a full range of planning, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery consulting services to better prepare organizations before disaster strikes.

Through strategic partnerships, Howell Consulting is able to assess needs and prescribe appropriate emergency management trends such as, the latest planning requirements and issues of organizational resiliency, in this current economy.

Howell Consulting offers pre- and post-disaster services, including:

  • Review and assessment of emergency response plans
  • Development of Emergency Operations Plans, Functional Annexes and Supporting Documents
  • Business continuity and mitigation planning services
  • Identification of hazards/vulnerabilities
  • Personal Preparedness plans for employees, clients, students and/or tenants
  • EOC response assistance in the event of a disaster
  • Staff Support


Taking simple steps can make a big difference in ensuring your safety and well-being…Make a Plan today!